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Our Center is located in the heart of the Holy Cross Mountains in Poland near the city of Kielce 75 miles from Cracow. Microclimate, which consists of more than the sea iodine content in the air affects the well-being and health. Near the resort are religious monuments such as founded in the fifteenth century Bernardine monastery complex, or a wooden chapel of St. Francis of Assisi. "Świętokrzyski Literary Trail" walks you through the place, especially highlighted by the artists in their work. Surrounding the property are characterized by clean, fresh air and unforgettable landscapes that have been popular for hundreds of the most demanding tourists.
. SilentThe quiet, cozy cozy and comfortable interiors, in Harmonized harmony with the pleasant scenery, create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation and appeasement.
You are welcome Come any time of the all year round to this place of harmony with nature, an oasis of silence, peace and verduregreenery piece, in perfect harmony with nature ...

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Cleansing the body and diet

One of the diets proposed in the Center, which is called the Fruits and Vegetables Diet, ensures a unique effect. It is a combination of fruits and vegetables with added herbs based on the recipe of Dr. Ewa Dąbrowska. The Fruits and Vegetables Diet will force your body to change its method of metabolism to the so-called inner nutrition method, thus starting inner processes, such as the cleaning of deposits of degeneration products, the ridding of excessive fat tissue, cholesterol, dangerous bacteria, damaged cells and tissues. 


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